Synchrony CHRO Rubilie Macaraeg Named Top 100 Influential Global HR Leader


MANILA – Rubilie Macaraeg, the Chief HR Officer for Synchrony Global, was named one of the 50 Top Global HR Tech Minds and 100 Most influential Global HR Leaders at the 26th World HRD Congress in Mumbai on February 15, 2018.

The World HRD Congress was first held in 1992, bringing together global HR leaders form 13 countries to create a global platform for learning. Since then, the event has grown in size and is now one of the leading HR events in the industry. The aim of the World HRD Congress is to create a global platform giving HR leaders around the world a chance to listen to the best in their field. 

While at the conference, Ms. Macaraeg delivered a talk on HR Digital Transformation, asserting that the digital age is never a choice between people or technology, but rather a collaboration, a synergy between people and technology. 

“I am very honored to have been recognised by my peers for these awards,” said Ms. Macaraeg. “HR will remain to be key in this age of technological disruption and continuous digital evolution, and I’m excited to take what I have learned and presented at the 26th Congress and applying in my daily life and work with Synchrony Global.”